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185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery

185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery

    • 185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery
    • 185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery
    • 185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery
  • 185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery

    उत्पाद विवरण:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    ब्रांड नाम: FLAME
    प्रमाणन: ISO9001:2000
    Model Number: Φ660x2030mm

    भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    मूल्य: USD 138,000~150,000/set
    Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
    Delivery Time: 60 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 10 sets/60 days
    अब से संपर्क करें
    विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
    Rollers size: Φ660x2030mm Motor: 185KW or 250KW
    Rack: Welded-steel plate construction Roller hardness: HS 68-74

    Main Power:

    380V, 50HZ

    Mixed Raw Material:




    Product Name:

    Two Roll Mixing Mill

    Roll Size:



    Totally Enclosed Cage Rotor


    185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine Open Mixing Mill Φ660x2030mm For Rubber




    Rubber mixing mill

    1.The rolls are made of chilled cast iron with spun casting.The roll face is hard and anti-wear.The internal cavity is processed to make temperature well proportioned on the roll surface.

    2.The machine is equipped with an overload protection device to prevent the major components frombeing damaged due to overloading.

    3.The machine is also equipped with an emergency device.When an emergent accident happens,just draw the pull rod,and the machine will stop immediately.it is safe and reliable

    4.The transimission system adopts a ZQ planetary gear reducer,which has a compacted structure with higher transmission efficiency,lower noise and longer service life.

    5.The base frame is a complete framework,which is convenient for installation.





    Two rollers open rubber mixing mill main used in rubber product factory: Natural rubber refining, raw rubber and compound mixing. Rubber beating mixing and rubber tab letting.
    This machine is double roller opening to be used for rubber or plastic mixing. It consists of seat, Frame, Rubber, Driving device, Lubricator and cooler, range adjusting device of roller. Safety brake. Motor and reducer, etc. The roller is made from safety cooled and hard cast iron, smooth surface is polished in term of different case. Saturated steam and cooling water can be inputted in the empty roller to adjust temperature of roller. Colloidal particles are drawn into the gap of the two rollers which make relative rotation in different velocity to mix rubber, into further rubber sheet.


    185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery185KW Energy Saving Two Roll Mill Machine For Rubber , rolling mill machinery

    1. General Specification


    1-1.Roll Size                : Φ660x2030mm

    1-2. Mixed Raw Material      : Rubber


    1) Main Power           : 380V x 50HZ x 3Φ

    2) Auxiliary             : 380V x 50HZ x 3Φ

    3) Control Power        : 220V x 50HZ x 1Φ

    1-4. Utility

    1) Cooling Water         : 2 ~ 3 Kg/cm2

    2) Steam Pressure        : 5 Kg/cm2



    2. Main Specification


    2-1.Main Motor

    1) Type                  : Totally Enclosed Cage Rotor

    2) Power                 : A.C 185KW x 8P x 380V x 50HZ 

    3) Power Transmission    : Gear Coupling

    2-2. Reducer

    1) Type                  : Un-Drive Type

    2) Capacity              : 185KW

    3) Ratio                 : 1/22.1

    4) Gear Type             : Single & Double Helical

    5) Bearing               : Roller Bearing

    6) Material     

    (1) Case               : Mild Steel Welding Structure

    (2) Pinion              : 20CrMnTiA

    (3) Gear               : 20CrMnTiA

    (4) Gear Shaft          : 20CrMnTiA

    (5) Output Shaft         :42CrMoA

    7) Lubrication             : Forced Circulation

    8) Power Transmission     : Gear Coupling


    2-3. Frame and Cap

    1) Type                  : Opened Top Type

    2) Material               : Mild Steel Welding Structure

    2-4. Roll Parts


    (1) Type               : Drilled Roll

    Front Roll       :Straight

    Rear Roll        :Straight

    (2) Size               : Φ660x2030L

    (3) Material           : Chilled Cast Iron

    (4) Chilled Depth      : 10~15 mm

    (5) Hardness           : HS 70 ±2

    2) Roll R.P.M

    (1) Front Roll         : 20.45 R.P.M

    (2) Rear Roll          : 22.09 R.P.M

    (3) Friction Ratio      : 1/1.08

    3)Nip Adjusting

    (1) Type                 : Motor

    (2) Effective Roll Gap     : Max.50mm

    (3) Indicator              : Memory Plate(Left & Right)

    4) Journal Bearing

    (1) Type                 : Spherical Roller Bearing

    (2) Bearing Case         : Cast Steel,ZG25

    (3) Lubrication            : Forced Circulation System

    5) Temperature Control

    (1) Cooling & Heating Method: Manual Type

    6) Roll Drive

    Motor——Gear Coupling——Reducer——Universal Joint----Rear Roll & Front Roll

    2-5. Stock Guide:

    1) Type                    : Fixed

    2) Material                : Steel Plate,Chrome plate.

    2-6. Emergency Stop Device

    1) Type                    : Hydraulic Show Brake

    2) Operation               : Push Button S/W---- 4Pcs

                                Rope S/W----Front Side 1Pc

                                Foot S/W----Front Side 1Pc

    2-7. Bed

    1) Type                   : Common Bed

    2) Material                : H-Beam

    3) Institution               : “J” Anchor Bolt

    4) Acc'y                   : Tray (304 Stainless Steel)


    2-8. Trimming Knife

    1) Type                   : Manual Bar Type

    2) Material                 : 45# Steel

    3) Knife Q’ty               : 4 PCS


     Installing & debugging service:

    Pre-sale service     

    Offering perfect technological consultation to customers to let customers know more about the product and the development of the industry. We provide suitable offer for customers according to the request of product,weather conditions and the environment of factory ,etc. For the customer without experience or doesn’t know the equipments, we can provide technological consultation and market tends and recommend high quality equipment, technical formula and the whole plant layout scheme.

    Produce and delivery  

    Providing production progress tracking. We will regularly send mail to inform customers of the process of equipments, so that the customers can be assured . And customers can also provide valuable opinions to equipments. When the machine is completed, we will invite customers to inspect and debug. After shipment, we will inform the customer of the transport conditions and time, so that customer can get ready.

    Installation and debugging  

    In order to eliminate the debugging problems, we can send technical staff for installation and debugging. Whenever the device has problem, we can provide solutions within 24 hours after receiving customer’s notification. If necessary we'll send engineers or let local agents to the scene to solve the problem.

    After-sale service      

    Equipment warranty period: machine for one year, electrical appliances for six months. In the warranty period, we provide free technical support and accessories. After the warranty period, we also provide technical support for free and lowest price of spare parts.

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