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Hydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/h

Hydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/h

    • Hydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/h
    • Hydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/h
    • Hydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/h
  • Hydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/h

    उत्पाद विवरण:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    ब्रांड नाम: FLAME
    प्रमाणन: ISO9001:2000,CE
    Model Number: PET Strap Production Line

    भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    मूल्य: USD 60,000~75,000/set
    Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
    Delivery Time: 60 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 5 sets/60 days
    अब से संपर्क करें
    विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
    Raw material: PET bottle flake (or PET pellet) PET strap Width: 9mm-25mm, 6-16mm
    PET strap Thickness: 0.5mm-1.5mm Installing equipment total power: 120kw

    1. Introduction of Product

    150KW 60-70kg/h Hydraulic net changer  PET Strap Production Machine

    Light weight PET strap making machine for 1,2,4 lines one time  is applied to directly make into manual bundling strip used by hand, in machine or lettering package core; featuring super wide, slim or narrow, transparent, dying and lettering into bundling strip. It currently has the highest Performance Price Ratio

     i. Extrusion machine. It also equips with mutation-mode screw; machine head is right-angle with electric heat.

     ii. Cooling tank. Extended tank shall assure the cooling capacity for different product and make strip attain the optimal extension in the course of molecules orientation.

     iii. Traction machine. It applied to use bi-directional extension device, traction relied on the traction roller with female screwed and gantry pressed double-roller. Two non-step speed-regulating devices are respectively used to adjust for roller rotation speed to form different linear speeds in two forward or backward extension rollers.

     iv. Extension slot. It commonly adopts wet extension, featuring water shower after electric heat and infrared heat.

     v. winding machine. Equips with single-plate winding machine, mainly applied to make into manual bundling strip.

    2. Quick Detail:

    • Light weight of the straps with 3.3g/m(12006).
    • Can produce manual,semi-automatic and automatic straps,and also transparent straps.
    • Automatically production  reduced the labor cost.
    • Advanced technology in the same industry.
    • High production capacity with linear velocity 280m/min. 
    • Free traning for customers.

    3. Description:

    1  Air feeding system
    2 PET drying system
    3 Single screw extruder (forced feeding, Hydraulic net changer, die head)
    4 Constant temperature sink
    5 First tractor 
    6 Short-wave infrared heating oven
    7 Tensile machine 
    8  Embossing machine
    9 Embossed and tensile machine
    10 Tight hot setting machine
    11 Third tractor 
    12 Double winder
    13 Auxiliary system

    MKS-A mold temperature controller        1set (9kw/set)
    Combination :  7-7-5-5
    Total power: 150kw
    Usually use power: 40-50kw/h
    Capacity : 1.4-1.8t/day
    The belt specification: width (12-19mm), thickness(0.6-1.2mm)



    Hydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/hHydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/hHydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/hHydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/hHydraulic net changer PET Strap Production Line 150KW 60 - 70kg/h 
    4. Applications:
    PET Strap Production Line is made of polyethylene glycol terephthalate and other material which is a new kind of eco-friendly packing material that take the place of Steel Strip. Through the development of new material , the cost of it goes down rapidly. Now PET Strap Production Line is used a lot in the steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum industry, paper brick, ceramics, screw industry, the tobacco industry, electronics industry, textile industry and wood industry, etc. it is the new  high strength  Straps and widly used around the world which take the place of Steel Strip.      
    5. Specifications:

    1, Air feeding system

       1) Vacuum vortex pump: 3KW

       2) Vacuum suction hopper: 24L

       3) The dust removal device: vortex separation filter with filter

    2,PET drying system

       1) Regeneration fan: 1.5kw                 regeneration heating: 12kw

         Drying fan: 4kw                       drying heating: 21kw

         Stirring motor: 3kw

       2) Dryness: after drying the dew point for the 150PPm

       3) Drying the dew point :  -35 ℃ ~ -40 ℃

       4) Bottle requirements: size about 10 mm

       5) Drying capacity: 60kg/h

    General technical characteristic:

        1.1   Quantity of straps:         1                                           

        1.2   Max straps the line can give:        19mm*1.2mm

        1.3   Production capacity:      60kg/h                                         

        1.4   Cooling water quantity:  5 m3/h        water temperature required<20℃    

        1.5   Compressed air consumption:   0.6m3/min                        

        1.6   compressed air pressure:   0.6Mpa                                        

        1.7   Total power capacity for the line:        150KW             

        1.8   length of the whole line:     30m                                     

        1.9   electricity:       AC380V 50HZ 3phase/4 line


    6.Competitive Advantage:

    1) Raw material is dried via the CSG series drying system which is made by our company, its minus fourty degree centigrade dew point make the moisture content of the raw material no more than 40PPM possible, what’s more, it is useful for the solid phase condensation and increase sticks to the raw material;

    2) After the dry system, raw material adopts the closed cycle expulsion system, no contact with the air outside, to assure the dry effect of the raw material;

    3)The extruder adopts the PET special screw, the screw’s unique separation and mixing ability enable the material even plasticizing; Dosing and steady extrusion assure even length and width of the strap.

    4) The mould is self designed, different standards are made to the mold; Leakage of the material is eliminated after the improvement of the melt exchanger.

    5) Static casting machine replaces the early water trough to cool the facility, casting piece is cooled under the certain constant temperature, which improves the molecular longitudinal orientation, and increases the end product longitudinal strength;

    6) Calefactive anneal treatment is made after the shape of the strap, to remove the stress left after the strech, this stabilizes the molecular orientation, alleviates the phenomenon/matter of depositing metamorphism;
    7) Fetching adopts double-stage winder, easy to operate.
    1. Oversea installation guide.
    2. Oversea test running
    3. Ovsersea worker training
    4. Technical support
    5. Spare parts supply
    6. Technical operation support
    7. Formula and processing support
    8. Option
    This set of equipment is mainly composed of automatic feeding machine, drying machine (or dehumidification drying device), extruder, filters, die, sink, tractor unit, oven, stretching, heat setting, winding machines and other equipment.
    9. Commercial Terms
    1. Payment: 30% by T/T as advance payment, balance(70%) by T/T before shipment
    2. Lead Time: 60 days after receiving the advance payment
    3. Transportation: container, simple package ( PE film, salver)
    4.Warranty period: From the day of the use of the machine in the buyer’s factory:
       (1) The mechanical Parts: 12 months
       (2) The electrical Parts: 6 months
    5. Installations and Commissioning
       (1) Up to date commissioning has been made before shipment
       (2) Overseas Commissioning and charges
       one or two technicians will be sent to the buyer to guide the installation and commissioning of the            equipment if the customer requests.
       Customers pay the charge of our technicians.
       (1) Round-trip Airplane Ticket
       (2) Charges of transportation, accommodation and communication
       (3) The allowance for the technicians is USD 80 per day for one person.
       (4) An interpreter is needed.
    6. Spare parts:
        Spare parts for one year are needed for the customers, and we suggest that customers should buy       the spare parts. (Fittings list will be provided.)
    7. English manual, Figuration drawing, and footing drawings are provided.

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